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I want that one

I was chatting to Kellie earlier about how I’m settling in to London, and how the house hunt is going. London is fine, but the house hunt is going terribly, for reference; don’t even talk to me about it.

But anyways, she had never realised that I have lived in London before. Naturally, when that fact came to light, the question which followed quickly behind was “Which do you prefer? Which is your favourite?”

My answer to that, as usual, is that I have no idea. So much your opinion of a place is wrapped up in your own personal experience of living. Although I grew up in London, its been ten years since I lived here. I remember a lot of things, but the places and the people have changed, I don’t fit in here yet.

Then Leixlip is where I spent the last ten years of my life, and changed from an obnoxious child to an obnoxious teenager to a (hopefully slightly less) obnoxious adult. All of the time I lived in London I was a child, and in school. Leixlip covered school and university.

Different places, different people, very different experiences, both of them. Sure we may as well throw in Lyon as well, as I lived there briefly. I can’t choose a favourite. There’s no real comparison between them – they’re different parts of my life, and I can’t and wouldn’t change that.

But giving the answer I always give when asked which I prefer, I moved on to a larger fact about myself.
I don’t have favourites.

I know that’s a strange thing to say, but it is true.
If you ask me to list a favourite anything – book, film, tv show, family member, anything like that, my answer will generally be that I don’t know. I can’t even pick a favourite friend (or a best friend, as they’re more commonly known).

I do have a favourite colour, and a favourite number. They’re purple and 13, for reference. But that’s about it. They’re just arbitrary choices.

When it comes to other things, things which you can have a proper opinion on, I’ll very rarely have a favourite.

Hear me out, though! Why pick favourites? Why limit yourself to just pointing at one and going – that one. That one right there I will always choose over any other, with no doubt or hesitation!

Why limit yourself like that? Why not like lots of things? Why not choose one book one day and another the next, and a third on Wednesday?

We live in a consumer culture. We never really have to choose between two things: we can have both.

And yet people insist on having favourites! Why? Why limit yourself? Instead, just have things you like and things you don’t like. You can even have things you really like, and things you like. But there’s no NEED to choose just ONE favourite. You can be all people and have all things – after all, if you pick up a computer now, every film and tv show ever made is at your fingertips, if you care to look for them!

I believe I’m just ahead of the curve. I do not have favourites, I just have lots of things I like. I don’t bother narrow myself down to one thing, because that involves eliminating things which I might really like. Also, people get insulted when you tell them you don’t like them as much as you like your ‘best friend’, and I don’t like insulting people, because then they cry, and I cry, and it gets very messy and so on and so forth.

So favourites? Who needs them? Certainly not me. I will have ALL of the things, all at the same time, or whenever I feel like it, and if my house is burning down and I can only save one thing, well then, I don’t know, I’d have to think about that. Probably my purse or my passport or something.

But in any case my point is, no favourites! Just have lots of everything!
Except boyfriends. That’s the kind of thing you should discuss with them, some of them get mad if you have more than one at the same time. Even if you tell him that he’s your favourite!

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