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Not about running?

After three days in a row of running and then complaining/analysing it on this blog, it was a little bit of a shock not to have anything to discuss about it today.
So instead you’re getting a post on my college exploits for the day!

About a month ago, before I went home to Ireland for a break, I sent my supervisor a thesis plan. While it might not sound like much to have actually just banged out a plan for my thesis, it actually took me almost seven months of reading, digesting, listening and agonising about what I could actually feasibly study while keeping myself entertained, the college satisfied that my work was original and academic and the sponsors satisfied that their money was going to a good cause. God forbid they should turn around at some point and decide that their money was being wasted and withdraw it at some crucial juncture.

Anyways, I submitted my plan, and shortly after got a mail from my supervisor looking to set up a formal supervision meeting with myself, himself and my secondary supervisor.
He said that we could have lunch and discuss my thesis plan, as well as swapping positions, as such, so that while my supervisor is on sabbatical for the next six months, my secondary supervisor will take the reins, so to speak.
Well, to be fair, I’m the one with the reins, but he’ll be the one shouting out that I’m about to drive into a tree.

Anyways! I got this mail, set the date for this lunch and then promptly forgot about it, because I was at home, and I was busy. Then it rolled around to today and I had this meeting. I also realised that neither supervisor had passed any sort of comment on the quality/feasibility of my thesis plan, so I began to worry that they were saving it until we were face-to-face and I could drown my sorrows in wine (well, lemonade) so they could break the news to me that my plan was atrocious.

But fortunately, that was just my paranoid brain making things up. Lunch was perfectly delightful, and both my supervisors seemed pleased with my progress and my thesis plan. So as long as the sponsors are happy too (and I think they are, because they’ve been sent a copy of the plan and nobody has objected) then I’m clear to start working on the actual, like, investigation of the whole thesis project.

Eh, what I mean is, I can start the work properly. Terrifying thought! But very exciting too!

Also, since my supervisor has gone on sabbatical, I’m really more of a law than an information studies student for the next six months, so I think from September I’m going to set up shop somewhere in the faculty of laws, befriend everybody there and write the most incredibly fantastic and original legal investigation of copyright the university has ever seen!

Or at least, that’s the plan. It might not go quite that swimmingly. But I can hope!

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