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While looking through music the other day, I came across this sonata. At first, when I opened it up, I was immensely confused because, as you can probably hear, it’s a viola sonata. But it’s also for clarinet. It’s not like the book plays the music, but you know, I could see the viola part. The clarinet part was underneath. Anyways. I’m rambling.

When I was looking at the part (which I had not yet realised was a viola part), there were no markings on it, so I was bizarrely confused as to if or when I had played it. I put it on youtube, and didn’t recognise it at all.

Of course, then it got to the second movement, which I did recognise, and then I found the clarinet part, which had the second movement marked up, so obviously I did play it at some point.
The problem is, though, I can’t remember when I played it.
It definitely wasn’t a grade seven or eight piece, because I know what they were, which means that it must have been a grade six piece. But when I checked the syllabus, it was no longer on there.

So I have this mystery piece of music which I have definitely played (my fingers, as well as my ear, remember it), but I have no idea when or why I played it.
Oh well – it’s quite nice. Maybe I’ll work on the other two movements as well.

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